Front Page, Post Register, Idaho Falls, Southeastern Idaho

Leave it to senior reporter Corey Taule from the Post Register to fill me in on what is going on in Southeast Idaho.  I have been in the dark about this.  Maybe someone told me, but I can’t remember.  Cory is sharing about the Lincoln exhibit in Rexburg, Idaho.  He declares three fine traits of Abraham Lincoln:

kindness, empathy, and inclusion

But then he notes,

This is a sensitive topic in these parts because the greater Rexburg area recently took a worldwide pounding after three 9-year-olds famously chanted, “Assassinate Obama,” on a school bus.

So I googled “three girls in Madison County chanting ‘Assassinate Obama’ “.


Here are some thoughts on the incident:  The Political Carnival, Crooks and Liars, WowOwow, Jackie May of the Times, Eagle Rock Talks, New West, and The American Spectator.

My question to liberal friends and conservative friends:  What is the answer to the righteous moralism in my life and the thousands  upon thousands of others in Southeastern Idaho?

Awaiting your response . . .

(p.s. – Wondering what the gang from Rexburbia would say . . . )


  1. You ask: My question to liberal friends and conservative friends: What is the answer to the righteous moralism in my life and the thousands upon thousands of others in Southeastern Idaho?

    I wrote the post on (Hate and Bigotry in Rexburg, Madison County Idaho). I wouldn’t presume to know the exact answer, but I would suggest that perhaps those folks teaching their children this kind of intolerance and hatred are Mormons (LDS) in name only. Last I checked, racism and hatred were not sanctioned by the LDS church. Then again, maybe I’m wrong, given the LDS church’s recent stance on CA prop 8.

    Perhaps this song from South Pacific says it best:

    You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught from year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught…

    If I were a member of the LDS church who professes to believe in love, acceptance and tolerance, I would think long and hard about what my words and actions are teaching my children. How about it folks?

  2. The answer to righteous moralism in MY life is as follows:

    a)To realize that apart from the activity of God in my life, I would make Hitler look like Mother Teresa;


    b)in spite of that, God loves me infinitely and because of that, desires to save/heal me, leading me into all truth and transforming me into the image of Christ.

  3. Salt and pepa, I need to keep track of the conversation at “Eagle Rock Talks”. Thanks for dropping in. I am a true blue Idaho spud, being born and reared right here in Idaho Falls. I have thought about doing downtown tours one of these days.

    Concerning the heart problems about self-righteous moralism, I must confess that I need much more radical heart surgery. Greg touches on this.

  4. Hi ET,

    Yup, I read your “About” page. 😉 Very well done and sincere, imho.

    Bearean Baptist? I guess I was thrown off by the title of your blog. My intial impressions was that this was an LDS blog.

    My youngest son goes to his boy scout pack meetings at your church and he is enjoying his boy scout experience immensely. So thank you for providing the venue!

    Would love to have you join the conversation at anytime. Diverse viewpoints are encouraged and always welcomed.

    Warm Regards,
    Salt and pepa

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