The anti-polytheist vs. the anti-monotheist

Last night, our church family gazed upward and listened with reverence to the King of nations (Jeremiah 10:7).  My Cambridge KJV retains all the translators’ senses and crossreferences in the margins.  By verse 7, I have Psalm 89:6 and Revelation 15:4.

So placing all three references side by side in the KJV, who do LDS think this King is?

Let’s move down to Jeremiah 10:11.  It is an Aramaic antipolytheistic saying – the only Aramaic saying in the whole book of Jeremiah.  The critics refer to it as a gloss.  In fact, they won’t give credit to Jeremiah as the author for a good portion of Jeremiah 10.

What do you think?  I just finished reading the yellow dart’s post on radical monotheism a few minutes ago.

Here is the theological battle waged within the I-15 corridor.  Which “Christianity” has the proper understanding of God?  The anti-polytheist? Or the anti-monotheist?


  1. An anti-monotheist is one who is an anti to the only God that I care about and worship as found within Scripture.

    In Jeremiah 10, the prophet is preaching to us to not be disciples of the ancient near eastern religions.

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