John 14:14 in your KJV

Compare this verse with a modern translation.  Do you see the remarkable truth revealed by the early Greek witness?  Taste and savor this precious truth about the Shepherd.

Despite what the modern prophet and apostles would tell you, you may pray directly to Jesus Christ, too.  Ask Him.  Ask in His name.  He is High.  He is King.  He is God.

Feast on these unbelievable words by Jesus Christ in John 14:12-14.


  1. What’s the beef? I don’t get what it is you are assuming that asking Heavenly Father in Jesus Name is a problem. Can one pray to Jesus Christ? Sure. What you must know is that those people who Pray to “Our Father who art in Heaven” (Heavenly Father, the Father of the only begotten) are only following the teachings of Jesus in the first place. I have yet to find anywhere in the Scriptures that Jesus tells (or asks) people to pray to him, John 14:14 is no exception. He is not asking us to pray to him but to the father in his name. It is like asking my dad to borrow something, If he knows you are my friend he probably would hear you out but say no. However, if you were to ask him in a way that he knows I understand you are asking him he more than likely will loan the thing to you (it would be up to me to get it back eventually). This is what we are doing when we pray in the name of Christ, He is then responsible for the prayers but they can go either directly to him or in his name to the Father.

    Hope this clear it up for you.

  2. Nope, one can read the full KJV preface by the translators to get an excellent answer to that question. But one also knows the KJV translators would not dismiss a negligence of looking at Greek texts.

    The truth in John 14:14 is HUGE in establishes the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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