LDS Millennial Glory Fever – He is Coming

I have been reading He is Coming by Wendie L. Edwards (Cedar Hills: Seventh Seal Publishers, 2009).  Implant computer chips.  Flesh-eating bacteria.  The mysterious Antichrist.  Earthquakes.  The U.S. Constitution hangs by a thread.  The collapse of America.  An electromagnetic pulse initiating a deadly plague.  A new America rising on the original Constitution.  Tent cities.  Rogue pirates.  It is all there in this LDS endtimes series, eschatology through the LDS lens.

But I cannot believe this is what the apostle John says about the Lord Jesus Christ:

Jesus was a student of the Holy Ghost; He learned line upon line just as you and I do.  But because of His worthiness and the previous talents and sensitivities that came with Him from the pre-existence, He became far more knowledgeable than any normal youth (58).

Chenille asks John the Beloved,

When did you know Jesus was half Deity?

John answers,

James and I always knew.  It was just a fact (59).

Would you like to know my response on this sunny Saturday in February of 2009?




I think I am going to simply put this book back on the shelf.

(P.S. – And I didn’t know this particular LDS answer to why John the Beloved couldn’t have kids until now.  See page 60.)


  1. And I didn’t know this particular LDS answer to why John the Beloved couldn’t have kids until now. See page 60.

    Eh, what’s this? Somebody elaborate for me, I’m not sure I’ve heard this before.

  2. My mom says that she’s heard some people in Provo say that the “Second Coming” must be near – because they are out of bullets at Wal Mart.

  3. In a weird kind of way, I find it comforting to know that the ev.s are not the ONLY source for end time lunacy….. expect all this to get worse before it gets better…

  4. Bridget, here is part of the conversation on page 60:


    There was a moment of reflection, and then Chenille said, “OK, I’m going to change the subject because I have another question.”

    John looked expectantly at her and waited.

    “Now, this might be too intrusive, so you can refuse to answer it if you wish.”

    “What’s your question?” asked John.

    “Did you ever have children of your own?”

    ” . . . Children can never be born of me,” said John, shaking his head.”

    “Why not?” asked Chenille, looking surprised.

    “Because my children would be denied mortal probation. I am translated–my body does not carry the seeds of death.”

    “Ahhh,” Chenille nodded, and then glanced at Braun. “I had never thought of that. Was it hard for you not to have a family?”

    “Life has many trials,” said John. “That is one of mine; however, I know the Lord is mindful of me, and I will be made whole in time with the potential of eternal increase, having all that I desire.”

    “Yes, but it doesn’t seem fair,” said Chenille. “You of all people deserve the companionship of a wife and the joy of children!”

    “I have the joy of service. I chose my path. It was enough for Jesus, and it’s enough for me now, also.”

    “You’re a good man,” said Braun, shaking his head and taking Chenille’s hand. “I think I’d be swallowed up in depression if I hadn’t found Chenille. She’s changed my life.”


    Anonymous, I am a premillennialist. I think it is another doctrine that Joseph Smith borrowed from my historical heritage.

    John f., you can tell a lot about the American evangelical movement by the novels they write.

    (Sidenote) One of my favorite fictional writers is Randy Alcorn.

    And here is one of my friends, Adam Blumer

    I am looking forward to reading his fictional thriller debut.

  5. I read the first and last book of this series. I didn’t find the writing especially riveting. In my opinion, Joel Rosenberg is better.

    But when it comes to eschatology, evangelicals are much more diverse than LDS.

    Aren’t all LDS premillenialists per the prophet’s view?

  6. John the Beloved, the ultimate undersexed Mormon boy.

    B.Jack: here’s hoping you two don’t get adjoining rooms……then again , you are used to odd roomies… lol

  7. here’s hoping you two don’t get adjoining rooms……

    Oh germit, that’s just creepy… now I’ll NEVER read the Johannine writings the same again!

    then again , you are used to odd roomies…

    You mean my Mormon husband, my agnostic ex-roommate, or my multitude of LDS roommates from my BYU days? Oh and just to round up the ecumenism, I may be adding a Catholic stepmother to the roster eventually. Not my roommate, but close enough.

  8. BJack: uh……..any of your odd roomies OTHER THAN your husband…..we dont’ need no trouble…….. and if he was your choice, how odd can he be, really ??

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