A Name Calling Exercise

Ken Ham (probably someone whom Richard Mouw would seek to distance himself from as among ‘the worst kinds of fundamentalism’) writes (AnswersMagazine, Jan.-Mar. 2009),

“In June of 2008, Paul Myers, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota–Morris, decided to oppose me on his blog by beginning a name-calling exercise.

Millions of people, including some of the most knowledgeable biologists in the world, think just about every day that you are . . . [and then he launched into a long list of names, from airhead to birdbrain, blockhead, bonehead, and bozo to sap, scam artist, sham, simpleton, a snake oil salesman, wacko] and much, much worse.

You’re a clueless schmuck who knows nothing about science and has arrogantly built a big fat fake museum to promote medieval [expletive]–you should not be surprised to learn that you are held in very low esteem by the community of scholars and scientists, and by the even larger community of lay people who have made the effort to learn more about science than you have (admittedly, though, you have set the bar very, very low on that, and there are 5 year old children who have a better grasp of the principles of science as well as more mastery of details of evolution than you do).

Wow, I thought leading American scientists were more methodical and logical and less susceptible to emotional bias and emotional rhetoric.

Did you know that to admit you believe in a sovereign Creator, you can now be labeled as a “child abuser”.


  1. Wasn’t Myers the one in “Expelled” who kept sputtering, with the vollume rising each time he repeated it:


    I think that’s the same guy, if he goes by P.J Myers.

  2. Ben Stein was unflappable as he pressed for a decent answer….it was like “How DARE he question the MIGHTY, the TERRIBLE,,,,,,,OZZZZZ !!!!! there were many moments in “Expelled” like that……visceral picture of how Darwinism is , for many, truly their religion. Hence the emotion.

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