My 3rd post on this: Read The Prodigal God!

On the last page of World magazine (February 28, 2009), Marvin Olasky wrote a one page article, “Prodigal sons:  Part of the evangelical problem is knowing which brother we are“.

Read this.  And then pick up the book, The Prodigal God (Dutton, 2008) by Tim Keller.

It is the true gospel that must deliver me every day from older brotherism.

May I pigeonhole my readers?

Older brothers:  LDS

Younger brothers:  Post-LDS

You can see it all over the place here in the I-15 Corridor.

Read the book.

desperately needing God’s gospel,



  1. And where would you pigeonhole liberal Mormon bloggers Todd?

    My experience is that ex-Mormons can exhibit PLENTY of self-righteous judgment that is very much in keeping with the “older brother” mentality.

    They especially seem fond of exhibiting this older brother disapproval toward the classically younger brother tendencies of Joseph Smith.

  2. Joseph Smith must have reigned in his young brother tendencies with the Word of Wisdom. 🙂

    Seth, how about this: you and I both need to do book reviews on this book and place them up side by side for the conversation.

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