The Holy Roller in the Pinewood Derby (Ammon, Idaho)

this car won "best show"

This car won "best show". Superman is in the driver's seat.

Hey, we (B.B.C. Pack #370) sponsored our first big pinewood-box-car-derby-race.

Check out my holy roller – “The Gospel Cruiser“.

Unfortunately, I came in last place (laughing).  I can tell that some parents have had lots of experience doing this.  One car had “a professional car paint job” – winning “best paint job”.

Some of these cars were fast.

Tell me.  What is the trick to the fastest car?  Where are the links that provide the magical tips?


  1. Been a long time, a very, very long time…

    Like, the Johnson Administration….

    Okay, well, LATE in the Johnson Administration.

    Anyway, as I recall, there are two issues. The first is to give the car an aerodynamic shape and a very smooth surface. Therefore, you want the car to be very low in the front and all the corners rounded off. In relation to this, I don’t know what the raw car body looks like these days, but back in the day, it has a rather large cut-out toward the back, meant to suggest a cockpit. I filled this in with Plastic Wood. This cut down on drag. The other issue has to do with wheel stability. They have to roll freely, of course, but you also have to make them tight enough so they won’t wobble.

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