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  1. I don’t want to get into a smack down with the fans of D.Wilkerson, but let’s just say that his track record as a prophet of God is not that good.

    let me put this positively: it has ALWAYS been a good time to

    1)get out and stay out of debt

    2)live with godly contentment: well within your means and with a glad heart

    3) free from fear, no matter if your neighborhood is burning or not: anxiety and fear have ALWAYS been of the devil

    4)mindful of christians in other lands who are experiencing MUCH WORSE THAN WE ARE, DAILY, AND HAVE BEEN FOR QUITE SOME TIME; maybe we are just “catching up” to the hostility that has been against the church for a long time.

    it does NOT take an anointed “prophet” of GOD to recognize ANY of this (though I’m glad for their role in the body of Christ), wake up people…..don’t go quasi-mormon on me

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