LDS Language Lingo

I think I was the only non-LDS person in the Ammon West Stake Center, today, receiving training for Scouting Leadership.

I observed many friendly people during the three hours.  Hey, I would be friendly to all in our church building.

But our lingo is very different, even when we are only discussing Scouts.

Consider this:

The Cub Scout Program is inspired.

And listen to this one:

My Scout Goddesses – they know it all at the Scouting Office.

Of course, the lingo is always most peculiar to an outsider.  And leave it only to an outsider to even notice such things.

As the Chartered Organization Representative, I look forward to the conversations with other CORs in the Grand Teton Council.  Are not many of them Bishops’ Counselors?

One comment

  1. Oh, and there needed to be the mentioning of Glen Beck, who communicates the Scouting virtues in his shows.


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