The Worldview Academy has an interesting “resolve”:

“My faith is my own,

My beliefs are sound, and

My life is on fire.

I am equipped for leadership,

Inspired to serve, and

Encouraged to engage.

I meet ridicule with grace,

Insults with a gentle spirit, and

Falsehood with resolve.

I won’t back down

Shut up, or

Go away.

My worldview is unbreakable

And my salvation is undeniable.

I think hard, think well, and

Take every thought captive.

When it really comes down to it

Jesus gives me courage to speak, and

Compassion for the lost.

He puts the spark in my voice, the

Kindness in my eyes, and the

Insight in my words.

I am not alone.


  1. Todd those words are a LIFE INFUSION……thanks, bro
    they’ll get pasted and posted someplace visible for the


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