the #1 LDS American prophetic influence in 2009

Clearly, it is not the LDS Prophet, Priest, and Seer Thomas Monson (nonofficial website).

Nor is he one of the Counselors in the LDS First Presidency.

You will not find him among the LDS Twelve Apostles.

This man is making waves in America.  This man is the #1 LDS voice influencing conservative, dispensational evangelicals. 

Are you ready?


People have been buying guns.  People have been liquidating their assets to obtain cash.  People are concerned, anxious, and ready for patriotic revolution!

Armageddon is on the horizon.

Move over Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, and Joel Rosenberg, Glenn Beck is the leading religious man galvanizing the conservative armies in America.  Remember the Alamo!

We need a new book series.  A new movie production.

The problem is that I am missing all the hot action.   I don’t have a television with news channels to watch all this.

One comment

  1. Todd,

    The funny thing about Glenn, is that if you listen to his message, he’s really only telling people to be prepared for the worst. People interpret this message differing ways. Some do buy guns, some do liquidate their assets, and others store food. I think it is the right concept to be prepared by adapting what “prepared” means to one’s own situation. Plus, if you are prepared for the worst, the worst suddenly is not something to fear.

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