Bumping into Kerry Shirts . . .

Ok, so I bump into Kerry at the convenience store on the east corner of 1st Street where our church building sits. 

The guy is a podcasting machine . . . over 700 videos . . . unbelievable.  I am telling you all — Kerry is making his mark in backyard LDS apologetics history.

So I connect to his blog tonight.  Lo and behold, he is talking about one of the verses that our church family just memorized several weeks ago.

What a great Bible verse!


  1. Huh? Whaaaaa? How dare I ignore such an noble one such as thee ……… apologies profound form mine soul to thine. Oh and hey, Todd, it was GREAT bumping into you again too. Sorry I couldn’t stay so long and gab more.

  2. I knew Kerry Shirts at Idaho State. Right. Listen to this guy, ya, that’s a good idea. NOT!

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