Top Mormon Books in the Bestselling List (Christian Century)

The Christian Century (May 5, 2009) lists the top five academic bestselling books from leading book publishing companies (pp. 14-15).  Mormons have authored the top two bestselling books for Oxford University Press:

  1. Massacre at Mountain Meadows by Ronald Walker, Richard Turley Jr., and Glen Leonard
  2. Mormonism:  A Very Short Introduction by Richard Bushman

Let me also share the top two for HarperOne:

  1. Jesus Interrupted by Bart
  2. The Green Bible

Bah!  Christianity Today did a recent feature on The Green Bible.  Good.  Naturally, Michael Maudlin, editorial director of HarperOne in SanFrancisco, California, didn’t like the article, too much.  You can read his May letter to the editor in CT about the “Green Bible Bashing.”

I would recommend #5 bestseller for Intervarsity press:  Jeremiah, Lamentations – edited by Dean O Wenthe.

And I would encourage you to read #5 bestseller for Eerdmans:  The Jesus Way:  A Conversation on the Ways that Jesus do the Way by Eugene H. Peterson.

Last of all, I am interested in writing some books:

  • Beholding His Glory:  The History of the Believing Bereans in Ammon, Idaho (1995-2010)
  • Beholding His Glory:  The Life of a Christian Fundamentalist in the Mormon Corridor
  • Shades of Red Glory: 40 Years of Red Cliff Bible Camp Ministry

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