New Songs on Jesus! More Songs on Jesus!

Friends, I think we need to write more songs about Jesus Christ here in the Intermountain West.  Would you agree?

After spending time in Hebrews 1:1-4 this weekend, I have been jotting down all kinds of words.  Here are some thoughts that I penned yesterday (and of course, I had to throw in an Idahoan simile).

Jesus, Light of Light
O Jesus Christ, our God and King,
        We worship You, man’s clear Word.
May Your voice fly and richly ring,
        Like a mountain bluebird.
We bow our knee to Heir of all.
        You create age to age,
And uphold beyond sin and fall,
        Unfazed by heathen rage.
O Light of sun, all glory pure,
        Full Representation,
To see You is to see Father–
        All glorious One.
I really like what two men wrote long ago.
Who is so void of understanding as to doubt concerning the eternal being of the Son? for where has one seen light without effulgence?
The Sun is never seen without effulgence, nor the Father without the Son.
I need to write a fourth verse for the Christ Who purges sin and Who sits in exaltion, exerting His equality with the Father.
desiring to behold His glory,


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