1. Mr. Sweatt is one sick puppy. His circle the wagons mentality will not carry the day, and efforts to rebuild the kind of fundamentalist empires we saw in the 50’s and the 60’s just ain’t happenin’. Sad to say, but I’d bet you anything that when his pipedream goes BUMP with reality, he will think it’s the Adversary that’s opposing him.

    Not so much. Bob Jones the “giant”…… get the crew that comes in after the elephants at the circus….


  2. Go a little kinder, germit. Pastor Sweatt’s son is my age. He is a friend and a pastor, too. We were society brothers in college.

  3. Todd: point taken…let’s put this in the positive: the world needs, and christians are crying out for followers of JESUS, and leaders that make following JESUS (acting like JESUS) a priority , in ethics and theology. Where people find that, they tend to join up and jump in. The coming generations of christians will be less concerned with our letterhead and resumes, and more concerned with following us as we follow JESUS…..OR finding someone elso to follow.

    With HIS help, hourly, let that be us

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