Do you have love for Jesus Christ? (part 2)

Jonathan Edwards wrote,

The world is ready to wonder what strange principle it is that influences Christians to expose themselves to so great sufferings and who forsake the things that are seen and renounce what is dear and pleasant to their senses.  They seem to men of the world to be beside themselves and almost act as if they hated themselves.

Charles Spurgeon penned,

We love our dear ones on the earth, but we love the Lord more than all of them put together.

How many “Christians” have you met like this in the I-15 Corridor?

Let’s jump back in time to Gregory Nazianzen’s musings:

If I have any possessions, health, credit, learning, this is all the contentment I have of them, that I have somewhat I may despise for Christ, who is totus desiderabilis, et totum desiderabile (the all-desirable, the every thing desirable).


  1. Didn’t realize that Gregory of Nazianzen wrote originally in Latin 😉

    Seriously, the coming of Christ radically relativizes all prior social and pyschological structures.

    From the poem “Dewi Sant” by David Gwenallt Jones:

    “And he [St. David of Wales] spoke to us of God’s natural order,
    The person, the family, the nation, and the society of nations
    And the Cross which prevents us from making any of them into a god.”

  2. Todd: not trying to be flie in anyone’s smoothie, but… I have a tough time finding Jesus in this:

    and almost act as if they hated themselves.

    NO ONE ever sacrificed like Jesus did and does, but I just don’t see Jesus in anything that smacks of self-hatred; maybe I misunderstand what’s being said here. Also, J. Edwards’ comment is starting to look like some version of platonism to me….. other than that, the post is perfect 🙂

    glorious Monday all

  3. Germit, I am flipping through radio stations as I am driving to a prayer meeting here at the church building this morning.

    As he plays his guitar, I hear Aaron Shust singing live and solo a new song called, “Live to Lose”.

    I am thinking, what a fool! Who in the world would be thinking about all the ways you can lose your life. This is madness to the men of the world.

    Only someone in love with Jesus, I suppose.

    Now if I can flesh this out day by day in my life.

    What drives all my bodily senses and hungers? What voice do I want to hear? Who do I want see more than any other? Who do I want to talk to and about the most? And who do I want to follow with my feet? etc.

    And if it be the painful way of the cross . . . so be it.

  4. Todd, I’m trying to e-mail you at elonwood[at]juno[dot]com but am receiving this “Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Access denied…49c35f232b6f9ec30b2e0e2e431fa7e35ae3cf4afada8bdf4a7e3fbb9f3f337e7e337e5eaf7eafd3… (state 18).”

    Do you have another e-mail address? I totally recommend gmail 🙂

  5. Hey, I am back on today.

    Aaron, I don’t know what is wrong with my juno email. Brothers in the church have suggested other options.

    I am very slow in my technological advancement. I haven’t changed my email in practically eight years. I still have yet to do my first power point lecture. And the list goes on and on.

    Ok, I might as well confess . . . I have no patience in how to better use computers, cell phones, mp3 players, etc. and etc. Just ask my oldest son.

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