Father’s Day Musings

Jesus obeyed completely the will of His Father.  He taught only what His Father wanted Him to teach.  The record of John’s Gospel is clear and beautiful on the perfect, sinless example of the Son.

This Son was not equal with His Father for only a mortal time in the work of His salvific subordination.  But make no mistake about this on Father’s Day:  The Son is equal to the Father.

And of course, we are never an equal to the Son.  I am made a friend to Jesus Christ.  This is amazing grace.  But I will never be an equal to the Son.  He always gives the commands.  John’s Gospel also makes this very clear.

And with tomorrow soon to be . . .

Happy Father’s Day to all.


  1. And in my Heavenly Father’s eyes, I am an equal to my wonderful Christian father.

    Just not the Son.

  2. For a Father’s Day gift tomorrow, we are meditating on John 15:12-17.

    We are dead-center in the midst of Jesus’ Farewell Discourse.

    And the words of the Savior in this section have two identical bookends.

    May my children listen with full ears to these words on Father’s Day.

  3. How can you be one and not be equal? When God commands a husband and wife to be one, is he not commanding them to be equal? Maybe you should spend a little more time in St. John.

  4. Scott, my wife and I are equals. But are you saying that my wife should look at me and look at the Lord Jesus Christ and consider us equals now and/or sometime in eternity?

    Is that what John the Baptist is trying to establish in the opening chapter of John’s Gospel? Equality?

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