ReJesus & ethical monotheism

I just finished reading one of the latest emergent missional books, ReJesus.

In the book, the authors trash on one of my favorite pictures of Jesus on pages 92-95, dubbing it “The Bearded-Lady Jesus.”  To counter their observations, I am joyfully headed to Oregon in August to pick up from my grandparent’s estate a large framed print of this picture.

But one thing I will say well about the authors of this book – they maintain biblical monotheism, preferring the term, ethical monotheism.

Here is a good quote by Paul Minear:

Monotheism is a outcome of the exclusive claim of Yahweh, rather than a conceptual hypothesis resulting from human effort to gain a unitary view of his world.

In not getting this right, religious zeal causes massive damage to a cultural landscape.

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