The Standard – A Baptist Newspaper (Quotes, post #1)

How many LDS like the religious American history of the 1800’s?  I really dig it.

I find the Baptist history fascinating (especially the Baptist heritage in my family).

I have stacks upon stacks of The Standard (A Baptist Newspaper) to read through.  I relish it.

Here are some quotes from The Standard (Vol. 46, Number 24, Chicago, Illinois, for Week Ending February 11, 1899):

There were many rooms in Noah’s ark, but only one door.  There are many denominations among evangelical Christians, but there is but one door into the kingdom of heaven, he who says, “I am the door; by me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved.”

And another . . .

When Tennyson went down to spend a quiet holiday in the little seaside village of Mablethorpe, in Lincolnshire, he made his home with two good and earnest people named Wildman.  When he arrived he asked Mrs. Wildman for the news, and she replied, “Why, Mr. Tennyson, there’s only one piece of news that I know–that Christ died for all men.”  And the poet answered, “That is old news, and good news, and new news.”


  1. I am looking for an obit. in The Standard in 1907 for an obit. of Frances aka Fannie Baker, widow of Henry J. Baker. She may have died in Ft Smith, Sebastian Co. Arkansas. Her maiden name was Stephens or Stevens. I am hoping that the obit might list the names of her parents.

    The obit of her husb. Henry J. Baker was listed in May 1900, in The Standard , with a fantastic obit. I have a copy of that.

    Also, their son Samuel Henry Baker died prob. 1914/1918, resided in Denver COlorado in 1910 census. He may have an obit in THE STANDARD, because his sister Fannie A. Baker was an avid Baptist.

    Also, Miss Fannie A. Baker died in 1961, prob. in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. There may be an obit for her in THE STANDARD.

    If you have these particular yrs of the Baptist paper, perhaps you would read these papers for me.

    My priority would be to find the obit for Frances aka Fannie wd of henry Baker.

  2. Sorry Jackie, I don’t have 1907 or 1914-1918 (Of course, the Northern Baptists went through some real turbulence during those years – 1914 is a famous year.)

  3. Frances Baker, widow of Henry J. Baker, died 21 Dec. 1907, so it is possible that her obit. might have appeared in a January 1908 Standard, or even Feb.

    Do you have a copy early 1908 Standard?


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