The Baptists and Mormons in America (quotes, post #5)

In The Standard newspaper (Chicago, April 1, 1899), W. H. Geistweit writes a stinging attack on his encounter with two Mormon missionaries.  The big discussion is polygamy.   He gives a blow by blow account of their discussion about Abraham.  Later in the article, Geistweit ponders,

But how any woman (and the manner of their missionary work brings them in contact with women mostly, while men are away at business) can listen to them for a moment is a strange thing to me.  For the grief that grows out of Mormonism falls with dead weight upon the woman.

In The Standard (April 15, 1899), N.B. Rairden, General Superintendent writes,

The Mormons are doing everything in their power to secure the seating of Congressman-elect Roberts.  This means much more than appears upon the face of it.  There is no question in my mind, nor is there in the mind of any person who has carefully looked into the facts (on the ground) that this is the intention of the Mormon authorities to make all laws, or constitutional provisions dead letters, so far as polygamy is concerned.  That it has never been the intention to deal fairly in this matter, is shown by the fact that in one town alone, it is said, upon good authority, that more than 1,000 children have been born of plural wives now, who were not plural wives a few years ago.  The church authorities are urging their people to “live their religion,” which, to the Mormon, means that they should continue in their polygamous relations, or take plural wives, if they have none at present. . . . The Mormons hold the balance of power in Idaho and no adverse legislation, or enforcement of the law, can be expected from that state under present conditions. . . . “

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