1. Let me try to whet your appetite on this topic . . .

    I don’t, at first, gather these insights from the “corrupt creeds” (chuckling). I get the hints directly in the revelation from the Apostle John.


    Jesus is standing with his disciples in one spot at one time. But as God, He is in heaven, too (see KJV variant – John 3:13).

    Flipside: He is in heaven in one spot at one time with the Father. But as God, He is with us, in us (John 14:21, 23).

    Even as we are one with Christ, no human will be in this way like Christ. Ever.

    All hail to the King!

    All glory to the God-Man!

  2. “Even as we are one with Christ, no human will be in this way like Christ.”

    Okay, first, I wish you hadn’t thrown the Creed under the bus like that…

    Second, and I’m sure someone will correct if I’m wrong, the LDS Church teaches that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and even the Holy Ghost are all subject to the same restrictions of time and space that we are. I remember distinctly reading this about the Holy Ghost on the official LDS website, the bottom line being that while the Holy Ghost’s influence could be everywhere at once, the Holy Ghost could only be present at one place at any given time. Therefore, I suspect this argument will not resonate with those at whom it is aimed.

    Finally, I’m not sure that one can flatly make the statement you make that I have quoted above. A counterpoint that immediately comes to mind is bilocating Saints, such as John Maximovich and Padre Pio, both of whom were known upon occasion to be in two places simultaneously when the demands of their ministries called for it.

  3. It’s interesting to state that in the original post it states that only Jesus can be both. Yet in the followup post you state that some Saints were also. Which is it?

  4. Chuck, as a creature, I don’t take on the Creator’s incommunicable attributes. In my oneness with Jesus Christ, I will always celebrate my being created and my being saved as the core of my testimony through eternity. This is not true of the God-Man, equal to the Father.

  5. Todd writes: “I don’t take on the Creator’s incommunicable attributes”

    However, it is not clear that any of the Divine attributes are incommunicable, as opposed to the Divine Essence, which is indeed incommunicable and unknowable, understood here as in constrast to the Divine “Energies”, which would probably include the Divine attributes.

  6. Is the wrath of God, in whatever it consists, an attribute? In God inherently wrathful in the same way that God is omnipotent, omniscient, etc.?

    I don’t think so.

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