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  1. I have to say that I’ve attend an LDS sacrament meeting at that chapel in Island Park on a 4th of July holiday weekend. We squeezed in and sat on the very back row of the cultural hall (aka gym) and it was packed inside and out.

    We spent the week there for a family reunion and I was glad to see so many trying to worship and keep the Sabbath day holy even though they were away from home and on vacation.

    Another blessing that this reminds me of is how comforting it is that the LDS gospel is the same no matter where you live or happen to attend on any given Sunday — the people and leaders may be different, but the gospel principles are the same for all no matter the race, nationality, or location.

    Certainly it is my wish that the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be taught and understood by all in the same manner and that we could do away with divisions, contentions, and disagreements that create so much confusion and so many denominations. But until this happens, I believe it is important for us all to focus on the similarities, to build each other up, and accept our differences rather than running around trying to tear down one another.

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