In 12-15 minutes, spotlight the LDS current trends

This is my assignment for the upcoming Northwest Baptist Missions Conference in Rigby, Idaho.

So what themes would you highlight in that amount of time?

1.  The growth pockets internationally of the LDS Church? 

2.  Latest missionary approaches?

3.  New studies on BoM as inspired scripture?

4.  Joseph Smith Papers?

5.  Latest theological speculations in bloggernacle?

6.  Venues of American ecumenical dialogue?

7.  Mormonism in popular culture, Glenn Beck, Stephenie Meyer, etc.?  Latest Mormon flicks?

8.  Rising vocal segments of gay LDS and cultural LDS in America?

Hmmm . . . I need some input.


  1. Just curious — what is the purpose of spending 12-15 minutes “spotlighting” the LDS current trends at a Northwest Baptism Missions Conference?

  2. To pique curiosity, to stimulate ministerial minds in their own future study in applying the Word of God to our culture, to be current in our evangelistic conversations in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, etc.

    But this spotlight will be one of several . . . Emergent trends . . . Conservative evangelical trends.

  3. Hopefully you will be spotlighting the trends of the world and Satan that are causing increased wickedness and the tearing down of the fundamental doctrines and truths of the gospel.

    Are we keeping the same distance (i.e. moving with the world) or growing the distance (i.e. standing firm) as the world continues to increase in wickedness and sin?

    By identifying those trends, we can examine our own lives to determine if we are slipping or standing firm.

  4. Todd,

    As in any other religion or organization, you can look and see those that are hot and cold and those that are lukewarm.

    I believe that if you look carefully amongst the LDS today and pay attention to the topics at General Conference, you will find that it is becoming more and more difficult to have one foot in the world and one foot in the LDS Church (i.e. doing the spiritual “splits”). The bar is raising for increased righteousness as the wickedness increases all around. I believe the time will come (sooner than later) that not only the LDS, but all people of the world will find themselves on one side or the other side the fence with no room to stand in the middle. And we know what happens to those that are lukewarm.

    The wicked will be destroyed at the Second Coming of Christ including any LDS that aren’t on the right side of the fence. All that will remain will be the good people of the Earth and not all of them will be LDS.

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