Tim Lahaye is sensational with LDS friends

 Tim Lahaye with David Minasain (researcher) write this on page 142 in the  book, Jesus (David Cook, 2009).

Polygamy played a major role during the formation of the Mormon church in the United States in the mid-1800s.  Early on, founder Joseph Smith had received a “divine revelation” from an “angelic being” commanding him to take additional wives, or so he claimed . . . which no doubt came as a shock to his then wife, Emma.  Subsequent Mormon leaders, including Brigham Young and others, would enthusiastically follow suit in the ensuing days.  Although claiming to be a Christian denomination of sorts, Mormonism actually parallels the Muslim religion far more closely—especially in terms of their view of males having sex with multiple female partners in the hereafter.

The fundamentalists, sure – but I don’t have many LDS friends who think they will have sex with 72 virgins (or 70 or 50) in the hereafter.

I say that about my friends, today.  

Of course, I haven’t quite figured out what Joseph Smith was expecting.

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