The Beginning of the discussion on John 17

Friends, after three years in John’s Gospel (HI4LDS began soon after my initial forays into John 1), our church family has finally arrived for the meditation on John 17.

We begin this monumental chapter this Sunday morning.

Share with me some things.  What have been your favorites verses, sermons, and discussions, etc. on the Lord’s high priestly prayer.

I have read a few.

Paul E. Dahl:  The Godhead (Quoting Joseph Smith:  Many men say there is one God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are only one God. I say that is a strange God anyhow—three in one, and one in three! It is a curious organization anyhow. “Father, I pray not for the world, but I pray for those that thou hast given me…that they may be one as we are.”…I want to read the text to you myself—”I am agreed with the Father and the Father is agreed with me, and we are agreed as one.” The Greek shows that it should be agreed. “Father, I pray for them which thou hast given me out of the world,…that they all may be agreed,” and all come to dwell in unity[TPJS, p. 372; cf. John 17:9-11, 20-21; also cf. WJS, p. 380].

LDS Scripture John 17:  [Jesus Christ] is glorified by gaining eternal life  (emphasis mine)

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:  The Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent

John 17:3:  The scripture of the week for LDS Today

FairMormon:  The Relationships Between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Wikipedia:  Exaltation (LDS Church)

Mormon Missionaries:  Do Mormons Worship a Different Jesus?

David Lifferth:  Top 20 Most Cited LDS Scriptures

Patheos:  What are the 5 most frequently quoted Scriptures from each of the books in the LDS Canon?

Mormon Beliefs:  Why Are Mormons Called “The Godmakers”?

Thomas Wheeler:  What Do Mormons Believe About the Trinity?

Clean Cut:  “That They May Be One As We Are One”

Greg West:  Do Mormons Believe They Can Become Gods?

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