1. “Gospel grace as the foundation for holy living and good deeds” and “Love for one another in the one Body” are non-negotiable fundamentals. Greg, these must be clear, distinctive marks for the B.B.C. family and their fundamentalist pastor in Ammon, Idaho.

    And of course, I agree fully with Piper: Who are the Christians in America that will give their lives for the sake of Christ’s glory?

  2. ACTIVELY embracing grace and especially love as “fundamentals” is probably the only real antidote to “fundamentalism” (even when other “fundamentals”, such as PSA, are in tension, if not outright contradiction, with that).

    “Giving one’s life for Christ”, at least as far as red martyrdom goes, is, according to the New Testament and the subsequent Tradition/experience, a grace which is given to those found worthy (NT word, not mine). Those who seek it apart from that grace tend to lapse, at best. Should, God forbid, real persecution for the Faith ever visit this country, God will raise up many who will, empowered by that grace, give their lives for Christ (and sadly, many who will think they have that grace, only to find out they do not).

    For now, it is sufficient to know that there are many who have not bowed the knee to Ba’al (or Mammon).

  3. PSA is both divine grace and love, Greg. No contradiction at all.

    And I can’t even begin to fathom the depths of this love on my behalf.

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