Becki & His Healing Now

Some LDS women might be tempted to rest in all their hard work and achievements.

And yet some “Latter Day Saint” women boast in the cross, the blood of Jesus Christ, and righteousness obtained through exhilarating, undeserved grace.

Listen to Becki’s story.  It brought tears of joy to my eyes on this Monday morning in Southeastern Idaho.  This is the joy of Christmas.


  1. Thank you, Todd, for referring to Becki’s story. It is a very moving account and Becki tells it so well. When one rests in their own works to please God, you find out that there is no rest! What joy and peace there is when you place our rest in Jesus Christ.

  2. Sad story on multiple accounts — but certainly joyful in that she has been able to feel the love of the Savior in her heart and overcome the terrible events that happened early in her life.

    Reminds me of the important need and responsibility as a father to ALWAYS express my love to my wife and children (especially when they are young) — no matter what! And to help them understand how to feel the Savior’s unmeasurable love for them personally and individually regardless of their actions, weaknesses, or any thing that might happen to them in this life. The need to truly understand and feel the Gospel so that this testimony goes down into their hearts rather than just hearing words and seeing lips move.

  3. Beautiful .. what a journey of forgiveness, redemption and the unmeasurable blessing of God’s amazing grace.
    I am thrilled for Becky and the peace & JOY she has in Christ Jesus her Lord. She has truly been set free.


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