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  1. Hi

    I just have to say something here.

    The relevant material is actually laughable when truly considered.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to make a comment on each point.

    1. As to quoting Palms, I think 3: 11 was doing just this, but needed no change and it said “not enter.” The other two passages in chapter four were written with the intent to clarify this quote, not to restate it, and so the changes Joseph Smith made are logical.

    2. Joseph Smith didn’t retranslate the entire Bible. It is acknowledge by the church that the work was not complete, so this change is perfectly understandable.

    3. Since the KJV says “leaving the principles of Christ” to move to perfection, I agree with the change. It is the principles of Christ that bring Perfection. To say otherwise is to deny the Atonement.

    4. Christ is refered to as being of the Order of Melchizedek is using the common name for the Priesthood, used to avoid the repetition of the name of God. However, in talking about him we get a clarification as to what the priesthood actually is, that it is not truly after this man, but simply called after him because of his greatness.

    (The explanation of his sudden appearance is laughable as it does not take into acount other sources, primarily Jewish, that speak of him.)

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