Hebrews Inductive Study (chapter 4)

Questions for Hebrews 4


  1. Let us do what in verse 1?
  2. What did those in the O.T. have preached to them?
  3. And what did they have missing as they heard?
  4. Does God like to repeat Himself?  What does God want made so clear that He repeats it three times (3:11; 4:3; 4:5)?
  5. What is the remedy that He repeats three times (3:7-8, 15; 4:7)?
  6. List all the characteristics of the word of God.
  7. What are we before God (v. 13)?
  8. What is a good summary statement for verses 1-13?
  9. How many times did you observe “let us” in chapter 4?  What are they?
  10. What is a summary statement for verses 14-16?


  1.  Why does the author of Hebrews focus on the word, “Today”?
  2. Why is Joshua brought into the picture (v. 8)?
  3. What is a Sabbath rest (v. 9)? Will we work in heaven?
  4. List the descriptions of the high priest in Hebrews 4:14-15.  Who meets this description?
  5. Why should we pray?


  1. Could God say this:  “Some of you sitting in these church pews will not enter into my rest!”
  2. That statement should provoke what kind of responses in any assembly?
  3. Which of your weaknesses can Jesus sympathize with you?
  4. How does he give you victory in your specific temptations?
  5. Are you experiencing Hebrews 4:16 in your prayer life?

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