Dave Messenger at Calvary Chapel in Idaho Falls – “The Very Stone”

Pastor Messenger, the worship leader at Calvary Chapel in Idaho Falls, wrote an Easter passion musical entitled, “The Very Stone”. 

1.  There were five showings of this musical in Idaho Falls.

2.  Satan in the musical reminded me of the voodoo man in Walt Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”.  🙂

3.  There was one statement in the musical that stood out to me loud and clear.  It was when Jesus declared, “I and my Father are one.”  I am as deeply impacted as the Jews by this utterance.  But it is a marvelous, worshipful awe that fills my soul on this Monday morning after Easter.


  1. I was in the Original Play at CC West Covina ! Cool to hear you performed it again . Do you happen to have the Original Play? Good memories , all my best Dave & Diane , God Bless . ;D

  2. Daisy, I went to this play. Dave Messenger is in town. We can try to connect with him to see if he can send you a copy.

  3. My wife Leslie and I were in the original play. She wrote the Crucifixion and I wrote opening score based on Psalms 117.
    Todd’s comment about the line “I and the Father are one” is a powerful quote Jesus made in John 10:30.

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