Hebrews Inductive Study (chapter 5)

Questions for Hebrews 5


  1.  What did the high priest in the O.T. do?  How does Heb. 7:27, 8:3f; 9:9; and 10:11 shed light on this?
  2. Who is Aaron?
  3. Who put Aaron in the position of high priest (v. 4)? 
  4. What if someone else in the O.T. tried to be high priest like Aaron?
  5. Who is Melchizedek?
  6. Where would one glimpse Jesus in “loud crying and tears”?
  7. How did Jesus become the “source of eternal salvation”?
  8. What is the summary of verses 1-10?
  9. What are the spiritual concerns that the author has for his Hebrew readers?
  10. Provide for me a summary statement of verses 11-14.


  1. What does it mean “Jesus learned obedience”?
  2. How does that differ from us?
  3. If Jesus is already sinless and perfect, what does it mean for the Son in “having been made perfect” (v. 9)
  4. Could an Aaronic high priest become a Melchizedek high priest?
  5. Why or why not?


  1.  Are you a mature believer or still a baby?
  2. If you are still a babe, what will it take to get you off the milk and on to the solid food?
  3. Why do some Christians stay as babies?
  4. What sources are available to you for eating solid food?
  5. Where and to whom can you be a teacher?

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