Blake Ostler on God and Gods (continuation)

Blake T. Ostler gave to me the third volume in his Exploring Mormon Thought series a while ago.  The book has almost 450 entries in its bibliography.  I don’t know where Blake has the time to research all this.  Seriously, how many hours per day does this lawyer allot to theological reading?  This is incredible.  Does he have a research assistant like many evangelical professors do?

I am highly interested in what kind of schedule Blake maintains for fulfilling the writing of his scholarly LDS works.

I have read up to page 221 in Of God and Gods.

I knew it.  I knew sometime down the road this would be brought up as an analogy for LDS Social Trinitarianism.

When it is asserted that “the Father is God” and “the Son is God,” but “the Son is not the Father,” these assertions can be logically consistent given the assumptions of social Trinitarianism.  It is like asserting that “Dieter Uchtdorf  is a member of the First Presidency,” “Thomas Monson is a member of the First Presidency,” but “Dieter Uchtdorf is not Thomas Monson.”  There are three in the First Presidency but only one First Presidency.   Moreover, if we assume that everything that is done by any member of the First Presidency must be by unanimous agreement and that whatever information is shared with one member is shared with all three, then we begin to get a close analogy to how identity statements function in ST propositions.” (pp. 220 – 221).



    Comment #16:


    4/21/2005 at 3:05 pm

    In response to Shawn in # 1. I do have some advice about finding time to be an attorney and have a life. The law is a jealous mistress and that is true. I am blessed to need only about 4 hours of sleep a night. So don’t sleep too long. Exercise — every day with all the intensity you can muster. You body will be more alert. Keep your wife (if you’re married) happy. That way you won’t have to take time to heal something that is broken. So do your chores around the house first and then kiss your wife and tell her you will be reading and writing. Make sure she and the children come first and foremost. Set a set time to study and write. I do it between 11:30 and 2:00 a.m just about every day. I wake up at 6:15 and work out. Have a passion for what you write about and you will find (as I have) that making time to write is not difficult and there is no writer’s block. Passion is important (in every aspect of life). When you get stuck and can’t write, get down on your knees and tell Father that you are stuck and then just listen. He always has something to say — all ways. If you’re still stuck, ask for foregiveness and then go ask for foregiveness from whomever it is that is causing you to remain stuck. Them let go and get going.”

  2. I could keep up with that kind of schedule for perhaps one week.

    What about you, TYD?

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