The Book of Mormon & the KJV

Grant Hardy made a memorable scholarly statement in the preface of The Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text, edited by Royal Skousen (Yale, 2009).

The relationship between the two books [the Book of Mormon and the KJV] has yet to be explored fully (xxiv).

So what do LDS scholars have in store for writing about this vital issue?  Any books to be published in 2011?

The 400 year anniversary will soon be upon us.  Note here.  Note the 2011 Trust.  Note here. And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.


  1. Okay, but what about the relationship between the KJV as orginally published with the Deutro-canonical books, and the KJV as it is usually printed and sold today?

  2. To be more precise – Apocrypha references.

    The Apocrypha is not my authority. Never will be. But the books are fun to read like my local newspaper.

  3. If we were to look at 2 Maccabees…

    “Son, have pity on me, who carried you in my womb for nine months, nursed you for three years, brought you up, educated and supported you to your present age. I beg you, my child, to look at the heaven and the earth and see everything that is in them, and recognize that God did not make them out of things that existed. And in the same way the human race came into being”

    …We find another pre second century source for the belief in creation ex nihilo.

  4. Yes, Gundek. You got it. Exactly.

    Todd, yes, I know y’all refer to the D-C material as “apocrypha”. However, the REAL apocrypha consists of things like “The Gospel of Thomas” and no, it has no authority whatsoever.

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