Who is America’s most popular preacher? (via LDS)

You all know the answer.

He is doing way better than any American evangelical televangelist.

He is the most favored, contemporary religious “preacher” in our country.

He is the “Billy Graham” of America, today.

Among all the LDS General Authorities, there has risen one outside their hierarchical ranks – the country’s new, mega-revivalist.

Hold on to your seats everyone.  The altar-call is coming.

It is all very interesting to see how the American religious culture is unfolding right in front of our eyes.


  1. Thus saith the Lord: “Buy gold!”

    Seriously, if you’re waiting for him to do Billy Graham Mormon-style, I don’t think that is going to happen. However, given that they seem to share a common political faith, I would not at all be surprised if Beck and Junior Graham were to share a stage a time or two.

  2. Politics and religion are a lot more mixed together than people realize. If people are evil, you can have any form of government you care to institute, it will eventually fall apart and tyranny of one form or another will result. History 101.

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