Glenn Beck – #1 man among American evangelicals

Bryan of afa wrote an interesting post, today.  To my LDS friends, what do you think of his simplistic LDS summary of what you believe?

To be transparent in my disagreement, I have never been excited about the illustration in Bryan’s post about Billy Graham joining with liberals on the same platform.  It was not a good precedent for Christianity in our country.  Conservative evangelicals have been wrong in not standing firmly on this heart issue.

I am the evangelical concerned more about the fundamentals of the Triune God and Gospel public presentation to our nation in its dire, spiritual need.

But concerning Glenn Beck, he is the #1 point man in America for this evangelical/Mormon  movement.  It is not an evangelical leading the God and Country movement as we have observed in the past.  There has been a popularity shift.

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  1. Todd writes – “I have never been excited about the illustration in Bryan’s post about Billy Graham joining with liberals on the same platform.”

    Your formation at BJU is showing, Todd. Graham broke with the Jones’ originally over the question of racial integration, back when that was anathema in Greenville (or wherever BJU was at the time).

    Anyway, are we talking about political liberals or theological liberals?

    If the former, it must be clear to you as a reasonable, intelligent man that “liberalism” in the political sphere does not require theological “liberalism”. Some of us consider ourselves politically “liberal” precisely because our traditional theology would demand that we “do justice and love mercy” while “walking humbly with our God.”

    If you are referring to the latter, theological liberals, I do not recall him ever doing that. He perhaps shared the stage with some theological conservatives who happened to be part of denominations with reputations for liberalism (but which, in fact, always had conservative factions). Frankly, for hardcore Jonesites, I think the most controversial thing that Billy Graham did, besides insisting that his crusades be integrated, was to share the stage with Roman Catholic clergy.

    And oh, BTW, here is a counterpoint:

    Finally, a question begged by both articles: are Beck’s politics really in line with what Jesus Christ calls us to?

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