1. I like the new title Todd. Since not everything here directly addresses LDS-related issues and has more of a local ‘flavor’ to it, I think its a better title. Definitely keep the URL the way it was, but the title is a bit more synthetic with what you post here.

  2. I do think this title will reflect a lot better my interests in the days ahead. I think that I will condense my current sidebar and then expand it in some different ways.

    Didn’t know you had a blog, Tyler.

    Curious. Have you ever met, Kerry Shirts, and delved into his backyard apologetics here in S.E. Idaho?

    p.s.- I recently watched the 19th wife as suggested by a friend. Also, this past week for the first time, I saw ‘the Bible versus Joseph Smith’ & noticed the backyard apologetics professor in like a 2 second blurb. Presently, the DVD is popular in I.F.

  3. I’ve met Kerry before and spoke with him a little bit. He’s a good guy. Presently I’ve been uninvolved in anything he’s produced, though I’ve offered a few comments on videos and articles, etc. I didn’t realize that I was posting without a link to my blog until today, so I thought I’d link it. I saw the Bible vs. Joseph Smith DVD a while ago and haven’t seen it in its entirety since then. I’ve never been particularly impressed by the material produced by Living Hope Ministries (now the Main Street Church of Brigham City) simply because of its tendency to create strawmen ad nauseam. While its certainly a noble cause to bring “truth…in love to Mormons,” Jim Catlin does not strike me as someone willing to tell the “whole truth” about Mormonism as he claims. What did you think of the 19th Wife? How about Sister Wives?

  4. Anytime there is even the slightest talk of polygamy, it burdens one for the family(s). Thank God for gospel grace that can help families caught up in this (whether O.T. or today – both in the corridor and internationally).

    In light of the Jewish debacles that we can observe throughout history, Joseph Smith should have stood with the apostle Paul on the qualifications of an elder – it is a one-woman man.

    It is a faithful man. Kody Brown is an example of one who is not.

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