Faith & Works & George W. Bush

I would encourage all of you to read at least the first chapter of the book, Decision Points (2010), by George W. Bush.  Buy a frap at Barnes & Noble and peruse the book (much cheaper than forking over the bucks to buy the book).  This first chapter talks about his family history and ends with his Christian conversion.  On the debate concerning faith versus works, the former President’s testimony is great to discuss with your community friends.

Also, I have been encouraging our Berean church family to begin with me in 2011 – reading the One Year Bible. I like what President George W. Bush wrote on page 32:

. . . Don Evans gave me a Daily Bible, a version split into 365 individual readings. I read it every morning and prayed to understand it more clearly. In time, my faith began to grow.

How many of you would be game to journey with me through the One Year Bible in 2011?


  1. Good to know our former President knows that it’s okay to go to God with questions. I hope our current President can apply that wisdom if he hasn’t already. I’d be down with doing a 2011 reading if you are Todd.

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