The LDS temple, Calvary Chapel magazine, and Pakistan

In picking up two of my kids from school today, I also picked up the Calvary Chapel Magazine (Issue 46 * Winter 2011).  On the front cover of the magazine, I noticed a picture of the Salt Lake City temple right smack dab in the middle of the picture.  Actually, the picture was on the front of a brochure.  A man, named Joseph Arif, is reading a Urdu pamphlet about the distortions of Christianity to an elderly man in Sensra.

Through CC Pakistan Missions, Nadeem, Mr. Arif, and Joseph pass out pamphlets to cultural Christians.  Nadeem’s cell phone rings.

“Are you the ones distributing literature with your number on the back?” asked the young caller.  “I am so happy to know this information!”  the young man continued.  “I have many Mormon friends who have been challenging my brain.  I finally promised I would join their church–this Sunday.  But now I am shocked, learning from your pamphlet how Mormon teaching is not according to the Bible.  Otherwise, I would have become a Mormon!”

(p. 36 in the article, “Equipping Cultural Christians in Pakistan”)

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