Jerry Root, Chronicles of Narnia Movies, and a growing god

Did you catch the article in World (December 18, 2010) about the Chronicles of Narnia films?

This little section stood out to me:

In an interview earlier this year, Dr. Jerry Root, who teaches Lewis at Wheaton College, complained, “The worst element in Prince Caspian was when Lucy sees Aslan for the first time on her return to Narnia.  In the book she exclaims, ‘Aslan, you’re bigger!’  Aslan responds, ‘I am not.  But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.’  In the movie, this was seriously compromised to, ‘Aslan, you’ve grown!’ Aslan replies, ‘Every year you grow, so shall I.’  It is a horrible compromise of Lewis and really bad theology.”

I agree.


  1. The ending scene stuck out like a sore thumb for me too. Aslan’s dialog was pretty much concocted.

  2. I just saw VOTDT. I’m struggling with trying to be understanding vs. rage over the abomination of a beloved book.

    On the one hand, its a pretty good movie that kinda communicates some of the stuff from the book. On the other hand I keep asking myself WHY?! Why did they mess with it that way? I would rather they had left entire portions out than to change them and make up new ones.


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