The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

I started and finished reading this little book last night.

For getting to the heart of American contemporary spirituality, Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow hit pay dirt.  This book is a gold mine for tapping in to your own autonomous, spiritual vibes.  It is American “common sense” after the vein of Thomas Jefferson.  You can apply your own common sense to any beliefs about a literal hell.  You can apply your own common sense to a spiritual odyssey with a Higher Being.  In fact, you can apply your own common sense to how you might treat any religious covenant in America.

It is common sense gospel – the American, conservative, inclusive way for all seekers in 2011.

So after 400 years of gospel change declared through the King James Version of the Bible to the English people of the world, does Beck and Ablow’s book contain biblical conclusions for change? 

God forbid.

By their book, Beck and Ablow are trumpeting the scripture words, “You are the temple of God” (I Cor. 3:16, and also 6:19), while divorcing the nation’s readers from the uniqueness of the Triune nature of God, the salvific power of the cross, and the verbal inspiration of God’s Word touched upon in chapters 1 and 2.

Let’s allow scriptural revelation to redeem our God-given but fallen reasoning.

Glenn Beck has been through a lot of tough and humbling experiences.  But I fear for him.  Even though he is wildly successful in today’s culture with so many prized characteristics:  drug-free, alcohol-free, beautiful family, high morals, hard working, funny, wealthy, patriotic, and on and on – I fear that he is listening to American wisdom and standing in the wisdom of men and not in the power of God.

What American engulfed in his or her own common sense will accept the idea that God is altogether unique from us?  What American swamped in personal reasonings and justifications accepts the idea of original sin?  What American accepts the Creator God’s just and eternal retribution for creaturely rebellion?  And is it the American common sense way to let a vile criminal experience not only pardon but a full glorification and exaltation because of substitutionary atonement?

It would only be an American heart awakened by the Spirit of God.  God is the wonder.  Not us.

He who glories, let him glory in the LORD (the climax of the first chapter of I Corinthians)

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