Glenn Beck – the next Billy Graham?

Christianity Today reports yesterday on their meeting together – not much of a clear voice on anything, especially on what really matters.

I like what Chuck Colson said about Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly in the latest World magazine (p. 28, Feb. 26, 2011).


  1. If the leaders of the NAE ( are going to meet in SLC in a couple of weeks, President Thomas S. Monson and/or one of the First Presidency (or at least of the Twelve) should step up to the plate and enter into some serious conversation about the LDS religion and U.S. politics.

    Lots of questions are swirling in the air.

  2. First, and Mormon guys, correct me if I’m wrong, but while Beck is Mormon, I’m sure that the gentlemen in SLC are very happy to keep their distance.

    Second, Beck doesn’t hold a candle to Dr. Graham. If Beck is anyone’s successor, he is the successor of the likes of Stuart McBirnie (anyone remember him? Used to have a radio program called “The Voice of Americanism”. It was confined to small, religious radio stations that could slip under the radar of the Fairness Doctrine), Carl McIntire (Google him) or W. Cleon Skousen. Beck is most like the latter and, indeed, Beck considers him a major influence.

  3. Todd, the “gentlemen” to which I refer are the General Authorities. I’m not aware of any endorsement, explicit or implicit, of Beck, and they distanced themselves from Skousen in the late seventies.

    That said, I’m sure there is some support for Beck, as there was for Skousen, in these circles. However, they are loath to jump on the Beck bandwagon after having climbed off the Skousen express.

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of buzz are you hearing about Beck out of your Bob Jones networks?

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