Easter Aftermath Aglow in Idaho Falls

1.  Yesterday morning, our church family ate a delicious breakfast together and worshipped the Lord.  We listened to “The Prodigal” and celebrated the power of the risen Christ.  A sister in our church family compiled Isaiah 53 readings, journal entries of a 1st century Jew (which she wrote), and musical selections that centered on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Thank you to all who sang and served yesterday out of love for our risen Lord.  In the afternoon, a group of us climbed the North Menan Butte  outside of Idaho Falls; and I read the Gospel of John account where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

2.  My wife and some of my kids enjoyed the Arise Easter musical at Calvary Chapel on Saturday evening. 

3.  Yesterday, Pastor Tim Rupp at Alliance preached on “Connecting the Dots” from John 20:1-16.  There is a dividing line in what people believe.  Do you look for the supernatural or natural explanation for the empty tomb?

4.  Last week, Pastor Kirk Bailey, over at Calvary Baptist spoke on the suffering servant from Isaiah 5o.  One of the first aspects he touched on is “the tongue of the teacher” . . . “the instructed tongue.”  Our Lord does give a “a word in season to him who is weary.”  This reminds me of Sharon Lindbloom’s ministry, “Word for the Weary.”

5. For the month of April,  Pastor Dan Smouse has been preaching a series on “The Bible:  What We Study“.  The Bible is a ballad about God.  (p.s. – And like Dan, I like chanting monks.  I really do like Gregorian chant.)  What is the theme of God’s song?  God’s glory.  What do you consider to be main theme of the Bible?


Today, it is cold and windy in Idaho Falls.  But our hearts are warm through the vibrant presence of the Son.  Jesus Christ is everything.

I hope you all had a good day, yesterday.

One comment

  1. 1. Pastor Kirk Bailey shares four evidences for the resurrection of Christ . . .


    He shared, “[Jesus] He came. He stood. He was right in the middle of them [the disciples].”


    2. Pastor Dan Smouse preached from biblical texts, relating 5 different encounters. I, too, marvel with Dan over the repentant thief’s faith while on the cross. “Being tortured to death . . . in this moment . . . life came into purpose focus.” The criminal had faith in the Lord’s resurrection.


    3. In Idaho Falls, Dave Messenger is at it again. The Idaho Falls Church of the Nazarene performed “The 53rd”, an original Passion Musical, written by Dave and Debi Colunga.

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