Annual Stars and Stripes Stampede Auction

I attended this dinner last night at Calvary Chapel in Idaho Falls.  Every year the church hosts this fundraiser for the Calvary Chapel Christian School.

  • I saw team members of the Boise State Girls Basketball Team in the front entryway.  Almost all of them were as tall as me (or taller). 
  • Jennell Faulkner did a nice job leading the children’s singing.  I always love listening to my girl, Mariah, sing.  And my daughter had the basketball players autograph her costume bandana.
  • Sandy Bird did a nice job decorating.
  • Coach Scotty’s Christianity is contagious.
  • The food was good:  salad, chicken, baked potatoes, and dessert.  The students did a nice job serving.
  • I left after the meal.  So I missed the auction.  I heard that Jennell did a fine job tricking everybody in a game of “Simon says”.
  • My daughter shared with me that the autographed BSU football went for around $1000.
  • And I was told the Italian vacation went for approximately $6500.  Nice.
  • I hope it was all a big success for the school.

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