Apostle Boyd Packer’s atonement illustration

Perhaps many of you have heard how one of the modern, living LDS apostles famously illustrates Christ’s atonement?  Do you see the Lord as your creditor?  What do you think about this?

Christ’s atonement makes it possible to be saved from sin if we do our part (emphasis according to LDS gospel principles).



  1. Obviously, we must do our part (repent and obey Christ’s commandments). The question is *can* we do that apart from God’s grace?

    The LDS answer that I get is most often “grace? – huh?”

    The Pauline answer is most definitely not.

  2. Indeed, Jeremy. What so many seem to miss is that the grace in question comes, at least to some extent, from the fact that we are created in the image and likeness of God. If this were not relevant, there would be nothing to redeem or to save (as the use of these words themselves imply).

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