Mitt Romney in Idaho Falls, June 20

It is a fundraiser.  Melaleuca CEO Frank Vandersloot in Idaho Falls, serving as the national co-chairman for Romney’s campaign, organized the event among all the other campaign stops.  You can have lunch and a photo with Mitt at the new Snow Eagle Brewery downtown for $1000 a pop. 

Do you think that Mitt and Frank can pull America out of its economic slump?

(Meanwhile, the Huntsman Springs in Teton Valley, Idaho are gearing up for the big Celebrate America event on July 2.  It is free admission to the street carnival, live entertainment, classic car show, air show, and food vendors.  In the evening, you will catch live:  Glenn Beck, a BYU-I patriotic concert, and a fireworks extravaganza to supplement your coming on July 4 to Idaho Falls for the massive Melaleuca Freedom Celebration.  During your July 4 weekend, the most important event is visiting with us at Berean Baptist Church on Grace & Glory Sunday, July 3 at 10:45 am.  🙂  My friend and local politician, Fred Thompson, will be saying a few words.  And I will be preaching on the theme:  “Freedom in Christ”.)


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