Grace stupefies

I received in the mail yesterday a hard copy of the new Credenda agenda (Spring/Summer 2011).

This is a salvation that brings us to the Father.  We are taught to pray to our Father, in Heaven.  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, but we never forget He is the way to the Father.  We are ushered into a divine unity and fellowship on the basis of what Jesus has done for us.  The Father is our destination, Jesus is the road, and the Spirit carries us down that road.  Because we are forgiven, and only because we are forgiven, we can know that God is triune.  Because we are forgiven, we may partake of the divine life and nature.  But we belong to Him by grace, and not by any inherent natural power of ours.  We are united to Him in truth, and forever, but He is always the Creator, and we are always the creatures.  Grace stupefies.

– Douglas Wilson

Are you guys all headed to The Grace Agenda conference, September 16-17?


  1. It is interesting how he suggests that we must receive forgiveness berfore we can understand the Triune nature of God. I know many try to get people to understand the Triune Nature of God, before they have met God, and maybe that is the wrong order of thought.

  2. I will be there, Jeremy. Would enjoy meeting you. And that reminds me that I need to connect with you on a past email about churches in the area.

    And yes, Patricia, I noted that, too. A helpful remark for my own conversation with others.

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