1. Question: Greg, how does the Eastern Orthodox interpret the headcoverings of I Corinthians 11 discussed by Saint Paul? I am curious.

    In our Sunday morning expositional study, I am introducing the chapter this week to my church family.

  2. Todd, women traditionally wear a head covering of some sort in Church. Laymen generally do not. However, depending on culture and/or rite, clergy also often do, but then again, clergy often remove any head covering at especially solemn moments of the liturgy.

    In general, this is understood to be largely a matter of specific culture. St. Paul says that women “should be silent in the assemblies” but also speaks of women “praying and prophesying” during worship. The issue, of course, is that the women who were not participating in the service were sitting together, as in the synagogue, where men and women traditionally sit separately, and were socializing. This is what St. Paul is addressing when he says that women should be silent. By his own words, women may participate in the service.

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