1. Complete and total historical revisionism. A cursory glance at the Fathers of the Second Century, Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Maryr, Ireneus of Lyons, will show that Nicea simply clarified what they had already taught, giving a precise answer to the question of the relationship beween God the Father and God the Son (and, by implication, God the Holy Spirit, although it took another fifty years and the First Council of Constantinople, to fully address the latter).

  2. I second FrGregACCA. Our LDS neighbors love to buy into the Constantine/Nicea conspiracy theory, and saying it is “so complex” is a way of trying to undermine traditional Christianity. He also makes no mention of Christ being fully God before the incarnation, and the fact that the Son has always been God with no progression (same with the Father and Spirit of course). If this is Mr. Otterson’s attempt, forgive me if I’m not exactly excited about any follow-ups.

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