1. Hmmm….

    Sounds like the matriarchal neo-pagans have arrived to live along side the patriarchal, nominally “Christian” neo-pagans in Idaho Falls…

  2. Yes.

    But I am thinking, too, Jeremy, that there is a growing feminist voice within the LDS Church. If God the Father is that vocal, white man, how come the Mother doesn’t get more of a voice?

  3. Because, Todd, “Heavenly Mother” or whomever aside, the LDS Church remains intractably patriarchal, and those women who have attempted to invoke said “Heavenly Mother” in an effort to move it in a more feminist direction have found themselves marginalized.

  4. My first thought was that it was neo-pagan slogan. On the other hand, I thought, it could be some sort of humorous expression of LDS feminism that was consistent with LDS doctrines.

    But then I thought, “Wait, what’s the difference?”

  5. Yeah, well, there is that, Jeremy.

    Mormonism is distinguished from most other neo-paganism by being patriarchal and by maintaining a Christian veneer.

    But then, you probably knew that.

  6. I believe it is that the criticism Catholics are given by Protestants, that they mistaking sometimes think, Catholics believe Mary is a Godess, thus causing “My Godess gave birth to your God” just as a way to say mother Mary (criticized as a Godess to Catholics) gave birth to Jesus (the son in the trinity of God) (and we Catholics don’t even consider her a Godess like often criticized)

  7. wow i believe all life started from a woman then cronas mithra odin and so on and so on going back 70.00bce blessed be goddess bless in love and light

  8. Todd, I think the bumper sticker has special meaning for a certain cadre of feminists. It’s an obvious reaction to the paternalistic God we Christians worship. Why not reveal the feminine side of God, God the Comforter? There are some pastors within the United Church of Christ who begin some prayers with “Dear Father and Mother God…..” My wife and I like that wording, but some think it’s sacrilegious. I’m not sure the LGBTQ community can be comfortable with that pairing, or other people whose father or mother was abusive. The church has to be open to either everyone, or no one. We need to figure out the language we use as we go, but then, some folks are going to be unhappy with any new language used. John

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