1. Hmmm….

    Sounds like the matriarchal neo-pagans have arrived to live along side the patriarchal, nominally “Christian” neo-pagans in Idaho Falls…

  2. Yes.

    But I am thinking, too, Jeremy, that there is a growing feminist voice within the LDS Church. If God the Father is that vocal, white man, how come the Mother doesn’t get more of a voice?

  3. Because, Todd, “Heavenly Mother” or whomever aside, the LDS Church remains intractably patriarchal, and those women who have attempted to invoke said “Heavenly Mother” in an effort to move it in a more feminist direction have found themselves marginalized.

  4. My first thought was that it was neo-pagan slogan. On the other hand, I thought, it could be some sort of humorous expression of LDS feminism that was consistent with LDS doctrines.

    But then I thought, “Wait, what’s the difference?”

  5. Yeah, well, there is that, Jeremy.

    Mormonism is distinguished from most other neo-paganism by being patriarchal and by maintaining a Christian veneer.

    But then, you probably knew that.

  6. I believe it is that the criticism Catholics are given by Protestants, that they mistaking sometimes think, Catholics believe Mary is a Godess, thus causing “My Godess gave birth to your God” just as a way to say mother Mary (criticized as a Godess to Catholics) gave birth to Jesus (the son in the trinity of God) (and we Catholics don’t even consider her a Godess like often criticized)

  7. wow i believe all life started from a woman then cronas mithra odin and so on and so on going back 70.00bce blessed be goddess bless in love and light

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