Jesus in Idaho Falls (2)

I have placed a brilliant, red maple leaf on the open text of my Bible.  I plucked it last night from a tree in the back yard.  The red contrasts with the white pages but highlights the color of Jesus’ words in the scriptural text.

I like the color of red (especially when so carefully caught on camera in southeastern Idaho by my pastor friend, Chris).  I like looking through our window at the red tree yonder.  It makes me think of the crimson flow long ago shed on a tree.  The red manifests the beauty of the cross, Jesus dying for you and me.

And if you look closely at my maple leaf, it contains 3 lobes.  A trinity with the blazing glory of red at the center.  Like me, have any others thought of the Father, Son, and Spirit, when enjoying a maple leaf?  When you see the red, do you get a glimpse of Jesus?

Additionally, my maple leaf has scores of little teeth edges.  My mind imagines even more, thinking of all of God’s children.  Jesus prays for all the believers and that they will be one with Him.

Yes, Jesus is in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


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